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Testing & Quality Assurance

Thanks to Realworld Systems, you know exactly where your valuable assets are at any moment.

Testing & Quality Assurance

One of our corevalues is reliability, the quality of our software is one of the important indicators to measure that. Realworld Systems trains his consultants in the testmanagement method TMAP. Besides that we follow the trends of Test Driven Development, Risk Based Testing and Unit Testing; our consultants have knowledge and experience with these concepts and methods. We have experience in setting up automatic tests with help of Sonar and Jenkins in combination with specific testingsoftware.

Testing, Consultancy & Outsourching

If you are looking for testing capacity in the shape of testers or testmanagers to determine the quality of your assetmanagement applications, than Realworld Systems can help you through consultancy or as part of a project.

Continuous Integration

As system integrator Realworld Systems can think like the customer to take the challenge on to keep the software on the desired quality levels on a continous basis. For this reason Realworld had developed a  Continuous Integration methode to monitor the quality of the code on a day-to-day basis during the development of the software. This provides the ICT-/Projectmanager and functional administrator insight into the total quality of the softwaredevelopment. It is possible to timeley intervene to maintain the quality. For the developer this has an advantage to look at the quality in more detail. 


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