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News Flash

  • Water Office on Smallworld 5

    Water Office is preparing for the future: Water Supply is now available for Smallworld 5!


  • Diagnostics: where did a user click?

    New in the next version of Diagnostics : Not only see _what_ the user clicked, but also exactly where! Diagnostics 1.5 is coming.


  • New user for Diagnostics: Enexis

    The Dutch utility company Enexis is now optimizing their Smallworld experience with Diagnostics!


  • SWEG for Smallworld 5

    Smallworld Enterprise Gateway (SWEG), the fast and easy solution to syncronise Smallworld with Oracle, now also works with Smallworld 5.


  • Water Office and Schneider SCADA

    Did you know Water Office now integrates with Schneider Citect SCADA?


  • Smallworld 5 upgrade

    Thinking about upgrading to Smallworld 5? We already did! Ask us about the possibilities to help you with upgrading to the latest version of Smallworld.

  • SWEG 5.1.7 Press release

    Realworld Software Products BV is proud to announce a new release of Software Enterprise Gateway. Smallworld Enterprise Gateway is the leading product for synchronizing GE Smallworld™ to Oracle®.
    With this new release of Smallworld Enterprise Gateway, the product is compatible with the new release of Smallworld CST 5.1.7. This version of Smallworld Enterprise Gateway is even compatible backwards to CST 4.3.
    This new release contains a set of improvement to make the use of Enterprise Gateway even easier




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Lessons learned in synchronizing ERP and GIS

In a utility or telecom company some business processes make extensive use of both the ERP system and the GIS. As an example: a typical design process will likely

Network Topology EN

Network Topology in a data warehouse: why and how it's done

Put the spatial in asset management

Put the spatial in asset management

Whitepaper Realworld Diagnostics (ENG)

User Experience Analysis gives information on what users are doing, how the systems performs, if users would benefit from additinal training and which parts of the system are used often, or never used at all.


Case Integratie SAP met GE Smallworld (NL)

Een beschrijving van een integratie van SAP met Smallworld.

Case Integratie GIS met ERP (NL)

Een casebeschrijving van een integratie die Realworld in opdracht van netbeheerder Enexis heeft uitgevoerd.

Case SmartGrid (NL)

Een beschrijving hoe Realworld haar diensten bijdragen aan de transitie naar Slimme Netten, SmartGrids.


Brochure Water Office (ENG)

This document contains a clear overview of all features and benefits of Water Office.

Smallworld 5 upgrade

Thinking about upgrading to Smallworld 5? We already did!

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